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Almost My First Pet

This children’s book describes a conversation between a little boy named DJ and his mom. DJ really wants a pet, and he’s decided that a fish will be the perfect first pet, but his mom assumes he is asking for a dog. Read along to DJ's vivid imagination as mom instructs him in the steps he needs to take to care for his pet.

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The premise of this book is hilarious, and it definitely captures the imagination of children. DJ is a well-meaning kid who intends to take care of his pet, and he really tries to understand how all the things his mom asks him to do could be done with a fish. His innocence will appeal to adults and children as they remember funny times when they were in conversations that became disconnected like the one between DJ and his mom.

-Juliana Isabella

What a cute book! My kids love this. I like that it is a funny book about miscommunication. I hoped DJ got his fish in the end. 

-Stephanie Elizabetyh

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